WordPress Websites Portfolio

This portfolio focuses on SEO WordPress Websites. You’ll find a diversity of designs in our portfolio as we tailor each design to fit the industry and unique personality of each client.

Almost Everything has a separate web programming portfolio that showcases our programming skills.

Minimalist Website for Solano Avenue Merchants Association: New Website DesignGlamorous Website for a popular women's shoe store in Berkeley. Services: SEO Website, SM Integration, Blog and Photo Gallery. <a href='http://www.shoesonsolano.com/'>www.shoesonsolano .com</a>Launching April 2014 - website for local VoiP service provider.Membership Organization Website for local contractors. Services: SEO Website Design, Event Plugin, Paypal set up, blog and photo galleries . <a href='http:/sfbanari.org/'>www.sfbanari.org</a>Clean, Modern site for hotel renovating contractors. Services: SEO Web Design and SEO Copywriting. <a href='http://www.cwhorton.com'>www.cwhorton.com</a>Online Marketing Website for local Business Coach. Services: Logo, SEO Website Design, Call to Action, and Video. <a href='http://dreambusinesscoaching.com/'>www.dreambusinesscoaching.com</a>High End SF General Contractor wanted a stellar website. Services: Website, Blog and Photo Gallery. <a href='http://www.dvrasmussen.com/'>www.dvrasmussen.com</a>High Impact Website for travel packages company. Services: SEO Web Design & WordPress Multi-lingual Plugin. <a href='http://www.california-tour.com/'>www.california-tour.com</a>Multiple calls to actions for business that buys vintage european cars anywhere in the US to refurbish and resell. Services: SEO Website Planning and Design. <a href='http://www.vintagecarsusa.com/'>www.vintagecarsusa.com</a>Online Marketing Website for Sexual Harassment Attorneys Services: SEO, set up of response boxes, articles in slider, customized homepage layout, etc. <a href='http://www.sexualharassmentlawyersanjose.com/'>www.sexualharassmentlawyersanjose.com</a><a href='http://homeboygoestoharvard.com/'>www.homeboygoestoharvard.com</a>Elegant Redesign for Oakland Chiropractor Eva Whitmore. Services: SEO Web Design & WordPress Event Module. <a href='http://www.balancechiropracticoakland.com'>www.balancechiropracticoakland.com</a> Crisp, Modern site for a Women's Leadership Coach. Services: Logo, SEO Website Design, and Online Registration. <a href='http://halmiperformance.com/'>www.halmiperformance.com</a>Gorgeous Website for an exceptionally beautiful acupuncture office in West Berkeley. Services: SEO Web Planning and Web Design. <a href='http://www.aimeequin.com'>www.aimeequin.com</a>Psychologist and Hands-on Healer Angelique required an elegant, artistic site to promote her private sessions, retreats and seminars. Services: Logo, SEO Website Design and SEO Copywriting. <a href='http://letempledelesprit.com/'>www.letempledelesprit.com</a><a href='http://www.oaklandmontessori.com/'>www.oaklandmontessori.com</a><a href='http://www.bfhp.org/'>www.bfhp.org</a>