Blogsite or Website? What is the difference?

Websites and Blogsites are both are websites. The significant difference is that the blogging tools like WordPress makes it easy to add new content. In web jargon, it’s a content management system or CMS. Also, readers can comment on the content and it can be a good way to find an online audience. If you want to add new content to your website all the time you might want to explore this option..

So in a nutshell, a blogsite is:

1.   easy to update

2.   content-centric, ie. good for people who have a lot to say on regular basis…planning to update daily or at least 2 times a week

3.   can attract web traffic as the search engines are scanning the blogs for new content on a regular basis.


On a popular blogging tool like WordPress you can create static pages, even many static pages. With WordPress you can easily have your site and blog together. You can also disarm the comment function and even disguise the blog function as “news releases” page. Then you simply have a website built on wordspress.


Begs the question: Who should pick the regular or .html website?


Well, the people who aren’t going to blog—that is write short entries at least 2 times a week or more frequently—should pick the .html or standard website as the blog website has no advantage for them.


The second advantage is that a traditional website provides somewhat more freedom with the design and layout. Most blogs look, well, blog-ish – and that’s a good thing, because at a glance people get the impression that this is a content-rich site with frequent updates. However, if your aesthetic or your marketing goals call for a different style of layout you’re going to be better off with a more traditional layout. An example of this might be a site that shows several small boxes with featured items, or content that directs visitors down different paths.


Of course, these aren’t mutually exclusive. A traditional website can include a blog, and a blog can be designed to not look like a blog.

The thing to remember is that the technical part of the blog is only a small piece of what a blog is. From the very beginning, people have been using blog software to create their traditional-style, more or less static websites. Those sorts of sites are using blog software, but they’re not really Blogs (with a big “B”).

What makes a blog a “Blog” is the commitment to frequent updates and the invitation to visitors to comment. Which solution will be better for a given business will depend on their marketing strategy and the amount of time they can commit to producing new content for their site.

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