What can I do to drive traffic to my site if my budget is modest?

That is a a great question and one I’ve struggled to give clients a simple, easy answer too. Why? So many choices for online marketing and so little good information. The online marketing gurus have been charging thousands for their secrets.

Other people have been figuring it out for themselves. Picking a starting point and experimenting. One way is expensive and the other required lots of time and persistence. There have been no easy answers. Well, the answers just got easier.

The good news is the fog is lifting on the connectivity highway of online marketing (pardon the poor use of metaphor). Here is what is super clear now:

· the new online marketing allows any business with any budget to be a big player
· the new marketing is based on sending out good information in an authentic voice; something many of you are doing now
· the new marketing allows any business to reach a tiny niche and succeed…meaning one can get super specialized and cater to the like-minded online
· finally the cat is out of the bag; you don’t have to pay $10,000 to the Infoguru’s to teach you, there are now reliable, trustworthy AFFORDABLE sources for the information about selling online; read on; I’m going to tell you about one.

Is there bad news? I don’t think so. Like anything else there is a learning curve. If you aren’t a techie, you may need some help setting up or getting started on some of the tools, but most of these tools are very user friendly. If you prefer, you’ll hire a company like Full Orbit Web and Marketing to do this marketing for you.

Here’s my recommendation. I’d like all of you. OK, ALMOST all of you (smile)–to check out “The New Rules of Marketing and Public Relations” by David Meerman Scott . You’ll be way ahead of your competitors if you grab this book now and skim it/ read it. It’s full of examples, and explains exactly how online news releases, blogs, podcasts, viral marketing and online media will enable you to reach buyers online.

Everyone in our company has read the book. I’ve given it as a free gift to all our current clients. 

That’s The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott .

More from me soon.

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