Fair Trade and Socially Responsible Businesses

Many socially responsible businesses embrace Fair Trade as a keystone of how they conduct business with producers and manufacturers. Not to be confused with “Free Trade,” Fair Trade is a conscious effort to do business with firms, companies, cooperatives and individuals in an equitable and fair manner – especially those in the poor and developing … Read more

Newsletters and Blog

In my last post I explained that having people sign up to receive email from you is the ONLY way to cultivate leads and prospects from your site. Why is it the only way? It’s the ONLY way because if you don’t ask for their email then you don’t know who they are and you … Read more

3 Keys to How to Get Leads and Prospects from Your Website

Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the considerations related to generating leads from your website? I understand. There is a lot that goes into creating an effective website. While I can’t take the work out of it, I can point out what is important so that you feel focused, in control and successful as … Read more

Web Hosting: Checklist for Selecting a Reliable Web Hosting Company

Don’t let your website get the flu! When your website and web hosting are working you don’t even think about them. But when they aren’t–it messes everything else up. In this week’s article, Tod Abbott – co-owner of Full Orbit Web and Marketing and our principal programmer – explains how to select excellent web hosting…and … Read more

Bogus Domain Name Renewals

On a related note, competing domain name companies will send you bogus or deceptive domain name renewal notices. Clients ask about these emails that appear to be legitimate renewal notices all the time. OK, these bogus domain name renewal company notices are probably skating within the letter of the law…but they’ll write you a letter … Read more

Grab and Tuck Your Domain Name

Or Save Hours of Frustration by Saving the Right Website Records Clients OFTEN miss the email with the password for their new domain name…now you can avoid this inconvenient, major time-wasting mistake. Clients sometimes bring us incomplete information about their existing hosting or domain name. They’ll say they registered it a long time ago and … Read more