Newsletters and Blog

In my last post I explained that having people sign up to receive email from you is the ONLY way to cultivate leads and prospects from your site. Why is it the only way?

It’s the ONLY way because if you don’t ask for their email then you don’t know who they are and you can’t continue to communicate with them.

By having people sign up to receive an email newsletter from you or receive your blog by email or both, you are getting their permission to continue to email them.

You do this by offering them something REALLY awesome…a free informative book or report is a good one because they can simply download it (simple for you and valuable to them.) Or you can offer something that needs to be mailed….as in snail mail…and ask for their email and mailing address. I’ve seen people mail out free CD’s. The cost might be a $1 and totally worth it a client is worth a lot to you over time.

Next I’ll show you where to place the sign up information on your site.

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