Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How do you know your web site is optimized?

How to know if your website is or isn’t optimized?

My coach was here this morning and telling my about a competitors website he saw that was not optimized.* It happens all too often that companies get a beautiful website that is not optimized. But how do you know?

There is an easy way to tell. While there are many steps to optimizing a website, a key step for all search engine professionals is to place relevant keywords on the page titles. If those are there, it’s likely your site is optimized or partly optimized. I’ll explain and show you where the page titles go.

The page titles are the words at the top of your browser bar above your web address. Below I’ve pasted a photo of our homepage and you can see the keywords Internet Marketing in the San Francisco Bay Area in the top of the browser bar. Most people surfing the net don’t see them, but they are a key SEO feature and one of several ways Google decides what your website is about and places your site in search results.


Check your site has keywords in the page titles…or that the websites of a web designer or web firm you want to hire do as well. Next I’ll share what to do and not do in the page titles.

*Search Engine Optimization means relevant keywords have been placed on the site to help Google find your site.

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