Beauty of Blogging for Small Businesses

I admit I’m a late adopter of blogging. But then who better to explain the beauty and attraction of blogging for small businesses then me. While I work in this world of Internet Marketing…reading the blogs and the books…I am far from being a tech geek. So I can be a good communicator to other non-tech geeks who need to know what to do with their websites and internet marketing.

Since 2000 I wrote a newsletter called Web Strategies that helped my business. My newsletter was effective and I guess blinded me to the ways blogs could be effective as well.

I felt reading a blog was something I and few busy people had time for. I see now that reading a blog is no different than reading a newsletter or a magazine. You read what interests you when you have time. Furthermore, blogs frequently appear in search results. Adding your fresh content in a blog is the same as adding it to your site, EXCEPT its easier for the non-techie to upload the content AND Google seems to favor sites with blogs. Having a blog and blogging (you got to use it to get the credit) gives you a leg up on Google.

Let me just tell you the good news about the blogs as I can see there are plenty of small businesses, non-profits and others still ignoring this important marketing tool.

Here’s 3 Reasons It’s Excellent to Include a Blog on your Website or Build a Blog Website:

1. Easy to Add Content.

2. Content is good for Google. The big Google loves content and rewards sites with more content, more keywords and regularly updated content. Google used new content as part of its yardstick to judge if a  site is alive, robust and kicking.

3. Content is good for visitors…visitors like information that helps them learn more about a business decision they need to make.

4. Using a blog and other social media, you can build traffic to your site on a small budget. Blogs and Social Media have leveled the playing field between corporations and small businesses. For the time being, its not your marketing budget that counts so much as your ability to write great content and get it out on the web.

Got a question about Google or blogging? Go right ahead and ask. I am at your service.

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