Blogger Inadequacy: What to do when you can’t or won’t write your blog?

Week before last I wrote about the beauty of blogging. Ironically, the next week I was overcome with feelings of blogger inadequacy and had difficulty coming up with any topic for my blog. I had shifted from beauty to sogginess. It was pointed out to me by my friends and loved one that blogger inadequacy is an issue many bloggers face and is definitely a topic for my internet marketing blog.

The following might apply to any endeavor you are trying to do on an ongoing and consistent basis….exercise, writing, marketing, having family dinners…you name it…most of us have struggled with something at some time.

1. Negative Judgements and Negative Thoughts–I’m pretty sure this is the #1 reason most of us don’t do what it is we are trying to do. After all, after resisting my blog and feeling confused by why I was choosing to do something else during my blogging time…I recognized I was feeling inadequate about my ability to write my blog.

I have lots of experience with negative thoughts and I’ve also had a good deal of success at turning things around. I’m saying I feel well qualified to share my experience here. The thing to do is figure out what your negative thoughts are…what is it you are telling yourself that is keeping you from taking action.

Then you write or compose yourself a mirror positive message. You tell that negative thought to go where the sun doesn’t shine and give create a sunny place in your mind and heart for it’s good twin message.

Last week I was reading the Hubspot blog a lot. It’s an awesome blog written by a whole team of people. I was telling myself I’ll never blog as well or do social media as well as they do. That actually might be so, but does it matter. That’s like the school newspaper editor giving up because they’ll never be the NY Times.

I can write a blog that is valuable and useful to me, my readers and other small and medium size businesses. Especially the non-techies out there that want information but no geek speak. I can do that. I will be gentle, kind and understanding with myself and write the very best blog I can without comparing myself to others.

So Negative Judgements and Negative Thoughts the #1 reason I and most people are unable to reach their goal. There are a few other tricks to keep writing your blog consistently or whatever else it is you like to do. I’ll share those tried and true strategies next week.

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