The Big Three Your Business Website Needs

It continues to be the case that business people sometimes obsess over the look of their website.

It is correct that your business identity or branding plays a role in your marketing, however to have website that brings you leads there are two other aspects you mustn’t neglect or your site is bound to fail. Also, making your site a visual extravaganza won’t necessarily help you sell more of anything and might even hurt. More about that in later blogs.

There are actually 3 things essential to the success of every website.

3. Promoting your site and knowing how people will find it on the Internet.

2. Providing rich, informative content.

1. A professional, industry-appropriate look and feel.

Balance your efforts and budget between these three to ensure you succeed in all three. You don’t want a great looking site with skimpy content and no promotion. Or an informative site with an offensively ugly design or unprofessional looking design. Nor can you succeed at driving traffic to a site with little there visually or informatively.

However, usually its the first…the desire for a stunningly beautiful or high impact website…where people go astray and the marketing project gets imbalanced and content and web promotion are neglected.

Have you done this? Any advice for newbies or can you add your own experience with being oblivious to the need to promote a new website?

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