“Must” You Commit Your Business to Social Media?: A Click and Clack Kind of Question

On “Click and Clack’s Car Talk” show on NPR people often call in for car advice for sure. But what is remarkable is that they often call in for dating, relationship and parenting advice as well! Maybe its because cars and people are both integral to our lives.

Humm. That gives me an idea…I could be the psychological advice person of internet marketing…

Marketers are universally in agreement that social media has arrived. It really works and for small businesses it may provide low cost and high returns for visibility and new prospects. Many small businesses have taken note and dived in.

Over 70% of small businesses are using some social media in their marketing mix. Of those, a huge percentage have made a bigger commitment to social media in 2009. They are blogging more, tweeting more or setting up Facebook and Linkedin pages etc.

My point is for the 70% who are embracing social media, there’s still a 30% who have not.

Those 30% are in resistance mode and many feel they are being told by the media that they “must” do social media. They don’t want to be forced into something new that doesn’t interest them and doesn’t suit them. This is what I’m hearing from clients and colleagues of colleagues…not a survey or scientific study on my part. Hubspot…are you listening? Could you find out about the 30%?

In any case, finally coming to my point, no one has to do social media. Let’s get the word “must” out of the conversation as its cultivating resistance in some business owners.

You get to learn social media if you want. It’s a choice. Choosing to do so might offer your business visibility with more people, more quickly who are looking for exactly what you offer–at a lower cost then traditional advertising.

Are any resisters reading this blog? Are you someone who feels undue pressure to take up social media?

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