Starting a Blog: Focus on These 3 Key Strategies To Increase Blog Traffic

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As an internet marketer I get to train my clients on starting a blog and observe them as they work on their new blog. It’s a delight to show others how to share their knowledge with others and attract new business.

I’ve learned that while the #1 key on this blogging list is obvious, while 2 and 3 are not. When people overlook 2 and 3, as I did myself, they hamper or limit the growth of their blog.

1.     Start writing blog posts and seeding them with relevant long tail keyword phrases (that’s 3-4 word phrases.)

See these two previous blog post of mine for exact instructions:

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Start out with once a week blogging. Set goals. Work up to 10 posts, 20 posts, etc. until you have 40, 100, 200 posts.

2.     Read other blogs and start commenting on other relevant blogs.

Leave a link back to your blog at the end of your comments. The links are valuable because they enable readers interested in your topic to find you. Look for opportunities to be a guest blogger on blogs that are related but not competitive with you.

Many new bloggers don’t realize they need to spend as much time on other peoples blog as their own blog. Made this error myself. Doing so draws readers to your blog.

3.    Make sure you have links from your blog to your products and/or services on your main website. Include calls to action…free reports…and nice boxes leading visitors to the essentials on your website.

Study the to see how they expertly do this.

The key to blog success is to do the 3 activities above consistently. Carve out an hour a week for blogging on your blog and an hour a week to search out other blogs and comment.

Let me know your initial blog experiences AND if you have a great post on commenting on other blogs, I welcome you to submit it for possible inclusion in this blog.


Karen Nierlich
Karen Nierlich

Karen Nierlich builds, optimizes and trains clients to use WordPress blogs and websites. Her company Full Orbit Web and Marketing (FOW) helps small and medium businesses grow 10, 50 even 100% using the power of the internet. Company expertise includes web design, web programming, blogging, social media and SEO.

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