YouTube is an Invaluable Resource for Non-Techies

YouTube LogoA couple of weeks ago I wanted to do a Power Point presentation to kick off my year as Rotary President and “show and tell” my Club what I had planned for them. I called a younger and more techie friend and colleague to ask her if she could show me the ropes. She said she hadn’t used PP but send me the link to a YouTube video she’d picked out for me. I watched it and–I am not exaggerating– in an hour I had my first Power Point presentation ready to go.

I tell you this story because that experience opened my eyes to how I could be usingĀ  YouTube as a resource for myself and other non-techies who need to know how to do something. You Tube is more than cute cat videos but full of tutorials where someone shows you step-by-step how to do something with a picture of the screen. The tutorials actually show the person clicking on the buttons.

I’ve since used YouTube to figure out how to add a Facebook icon to a email signature (OK, I’m still trying to do that) and to show my clients how to post to their Word Press blog.

One tip: Make sure the tutorial you choose uses a version of the software or service that is identical or similar to yours. You might want to look at recent videos and skip older ones.

If you have other strategies you use as a non-techie to get things done on your website or with your online marketing, please leave a comment.


Karen Nierlich

Karen is pleased when people refer to her as their “techie” friend or colleague, however she is an admitted non-techie. Karen is an internet marketing consultant and web copywriter at Full Orbit Web and Marketing.

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