New Socially Responsible Handmade Jewelry Business:

In December I started working on the blog of a brand new socially-responsible business in Emeryville, CA by the name of Chick Boss ( that makes beautiful handmade jewelry and is creating better jobs for Guatemalan women. First about the handmade jewelry. The unique jewelry is made with Czech glass beads strung into cords or … Read more

Web Videos Improve Customer Confidence

Marketing Research now shows that adding video to a website improves conversion rates and increases sales. In tests customers using the same site with videos and without videos bought more when the website had videos. Interestingly, even those who did NOT watch the videos were more likely to buy on a site with videos. When … Read more

New Web Site Design for West Oakland Non-Profit

When West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP) approached us for a website they were an established organization. WOEIP was looking for a website and a web site designer that could deliver the following: take online donations immediately update easily in-house a bold graphic design that matched their bold approach and showed off the neighborhood favorably … Read more

Website Updates: Word Press, Contribute Software or Web Designer

If you are going to do a website update daily, its going to need to be easy and economical. Here some options: Convert your existing site to a WordPress web site; WordPress has a built in Content Management System (CMS); you login to an admin area and make the changes just like word processing. Our … Read more

Keywords and Page Rank are the Starting Point

If you try the daily website update experiment, you’ll want to start by checking how you are doing for your favorite keywords. We are optimizing our site for about 25 keyword phrases total…so I’ll look at 3 primary keyword phrases for this experiment. Full Orbit Communication’s primary keywords: web design Berkeley web development Berkeley WordPress … Read more