A Daily Website Update Can Boost Search Engine Results

website update by small business owner
Woman business owner take a minute to do a daily website update.

Yesterday a prospective client told me that he does a daily website update in order to do better on search engines. This doesn’t mean he necessarily adds a lot of new content to his website. It means he goes in and adds a new caption or rewrites a bit. He swears by this technique for keeping him on the top of listings in his town.

This prospect is the second person to tell me they try to do a daily website update. The other is an acupuncturist client of mine who is on top of the search engine listings for acupuncturist Berkeley. She has a web designer who was doing a daily website update for her.

Also, a friend of mine who owns a Maaco auto body repair and paint business also does a daily website update. He uploads a “Car of the Day Photo” to his blog and writes 3 sentences about the problem and the solution for this particular car. He checks his Google ranking daily for Auto Body Repair and is usually first or second and above his main competitor in his town, which pleases him immensely.

The point is that doing a small daily website update can be effective. Results will vary depending on the competition.

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