Website Updates: What Needs to be Updated?

January is an ideal time of year to focus on website updates. The following might be obvious, but sometimes people need to be reminded even of the obvious. Go through your site and check the items that might need updating.

Are the following up to date on your website:

  • scan for dates earlier than 2008, if you have dates on your site make sure the 2009, 2010, 2011 dates are proceeding the earlier dates or your site will look out of date
  • footer: does your site say copyright 20XX – 2011, in fact, check the footer overall
  • packages and services for 2011
  • employees or staff
  • archive or photo portfolio
  • address and telephone #

I often check the copyright date on website sites to see if the site is up to date or not. If year is current, I assume the site is up to date. If it’s not, I can’t be sure but it could mean the site is neglected.

Find anything that was really out of date and surprised you? Additional suggestions?

Karen Nierlich
Karen Nierlich

Karen Nierlich is in a internet marketing consultant at Full Orbit Web and Marketing, web site design company in Albany next to Berkeley. She works with small business owners and some non-profits to create effective websites that are compelling, informative and perform well on search engines.

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