Do a Frequent Website Update and Add Fresh Content, Improving Your Google Page Rank, 3 of 8

As with on-the-site Search Engine Optimization, doing a frequent website update and adding fresh content to your site are two strategies that are easy to control and increase your credibility with Google. Sites that don’t get updated (probably the majority of websites) grow stale and sit there like dead weight on the Internet. It seems … Read more

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short!, Improving Your Google Page Rank, 2 of 10

It used to be that search engine optimization was THE WAY to drive traffic to your website. However, as the web has grown and become a super busy place, it’s now the key foundational step to getting to the top page of Google. It’s the first step in a longer process of drawing traffic to … Read more

Bad News on Getting to the Top of Google

The bad news is there is no formula for getting to the top of Google, rather it is a moving target. It’s also an art and a science. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done or you shouldn’t try. You just don’t want any internet marketing company to sell you on a promise they can … Read more

Blog Posts: Writing A Blog

Let me tell you about a great tip for consistently writing blog posts I learned from Dan Kennedy, probably the nation’s meanest, baddest success coach. Who else would write a book called the “No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs.” Your calendar isn’t just for appointments with clients etc. All your important tasks like writing a … Read more