4 Benefits to WordPress Website & One Not-to-Be-Missed HOW-TO Tip

(If you are just tuning into this blog, don’t miss the 2 primary reasons to pick a WordPress Website in the previous two articles.) Some other important reasons, drum roll please.   1.         A WordPress Website is an excellent platform for your social media because it’s easy to add in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. … Read more

WordPress Website: The Other Significant Reason to Love It

Not only will a WordPress Website be easy to update, but it can also be extremely Google-friendly.  For my non-techie readers, I’m saying that it’s particularly easy to make your WordPress (WP) website easy to find on Google and rank better on Search Engines overall. To explain, your web developer will add a free plug-in … Read more

WordPress Website: These are the Reasons Business People Are Raving

Many of the small business people I talk to these days are aware that building a WordPress Website is great for small businesses. One of the biggest problems for small businesses in the past has been keeping their business website up-to-date. While finding the time to update may always be a problem, the technical aspects … Read more