Blog Comments On or Off on Your WordPress Website

Blog Comments on WordPress Website
Two Actual Blog Comments from the FOW Blog

I get a lot of questions about the blog comments feature on the WordPress Website. Frankly, this applies to any blog or blog website.

Some business people want to know if it’s best for the blog comments feature to be on or off. The answer to that is generally “yes,” because it’s the nature of a blog to invite discussion, questions or even disagreement. This allows you to respond and build relationships online. The good thing is that comments are moderated (though you can turn off this feature) so if its spam or a non-constructive blog comment or whatever crazy thing, you can delete it before it appears on the your blog.

Another common question is about the pages on the WordPress website and whether one typically has comments on those pages. Typically not, but you can have comments if you want. The pages of the site are usually devoted to business information ie. about, services, philosophy etc. Owners usually feel that comments would distract from the facts about their business.

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