What is the Google Algorithm?

When I’m getting to know new clients we often have a conversation in which I explain the Google Algorithm. Here’s how it goes:

Google’s Top Secret Algorithm (meaning rubric or formula)

Google keeps the algorithm secret that it uses to rank websites and decide which websites get the top spots on search engine results.  It’s a secret for a good reason. Web people are constantly trying to “game” Google and find ways to to get better results for the obvious reason that higher rankings equals more traffic and more business to their websites or clients. Additionally, Google is constantly tweaking and making big and small changes to ensure that worthwhile website content come up high.

Nevertheless, web marketers do research on what works on Google so the following list of what Google likes or the Google Algorithm is based on what works:

Unique Page Titles & Descriptions on Each Page

(every page or main page search engine optimized with unique keywords)

Frequently Updated Content

-Number of Pages on The Website

Links from other Websites to your website; also called back links or inbound links.

(hey, Google is a computer it’s looking at things it can count. It’s judging popularity by how many sites are linking to you.) Non-techies sometimes think links on their site are helpful to their own site. They’re not, though they are helpful to other sites and can be helpful if you exchange links with others…so that people link to you and you to them.)

-Company mentions on Social Media

– Starting sometime last year Google started counting how often your website is mentioned on social media.

-Age of the Domain Name…

older domains have more credence with Google as do domains that are payed for 12 months or more.

This list covers several of the most important ways the Google Algorithm measures the quality of your site. There are others…in fact the Google website says there are 200 factors and that they change those factors some daily.

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