New WordPress Website for Oakland Self Help Publisher

New WordPress Website for CBT_Self_Help_Therapy

We at Full Orbit Web and Marketing (FOW) are pleased to announce the launch of a new WordPress Website for New Harbinger Publications in Oakland. This new site, called CBT  Self Help Therapy, is a membership / e-commerce / and e-learning site.

New Harbinger is a nearly 40 year publisher of Self Help and Psychology books that cover most topics on these subjects. Now they’ve turned one of their recent workbooks — Mind and Emotions, by Matthew McKay, Patrick Fanning, and Patricia Zurita Ona — into an online workbook people can access from their privacy of their homes. The site allows individuals to participate in online interactive sessions in which they view videos & audio tapes, answer questions and receive feedback on where to focus their learning and on their progress.

The empowering premise of Matthew and Patrick’s work is that skill learning can lighten depression, reduce anxiety, lessen anger and relieve guilt and shame. The site, designed and programed by FOW, provides people with lessons they can work on their own or with the support of a therapist. We believe, as they do, that it will give many more people access to therapy.

Other collaborators for this project include Joe Seidler of Seidler Internet Marketing, who is a valuable expert when we are building online businesses, and Nancy Rosenberg of Frisco Graphics, who provided the bright and clean homepage design.

WordPress Programmer, PHP ProgrammerTod Abbott, our FOW Sr. Programmer, and team are responsible for the creation this sophisticated e-learning website. Tod’s an expert in web information design, WordPress and PHP web development and has been the senior programmer at FOW for over 15 years. To discuss a web development project, contact Karen by phone at 510-527-9920.

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