One Simple Step to Protect Your Site in Case of Hacking

BackUp Buddy

Backup Buddy won’t stop an attack; at the moment there is no 100% sure way to stop hacking attacks.

What it will do for you is provide a recent copy of your files so you can restore your site quickly if it gets taken down! As they say in the Backup Buddy copy, it protects your bacon!

Backup Buddy is a well-reviewed plugin for WordPress. It has a modest licensing fee. Once you have it on your site, you can set it to automatically back up your site – both the database that holds all of your content, and the folders that hold your site theme and uploaded images and media. That means it makes a copy of your site at regular intervals and saves it. You can back up every 2 weeks, every week, twice a week. You decide based on how often you update your site!

What thrills me is that with Backup Buddy, you can also save a copy to the Cloud with ease. For example, if you use Dropbox or another back up such as Google Apps, email, Amazon, Rackspace, etc., you simply enter in the login and password and Backup Buddy backs up your website to the cloud. When you register Backup Buddy, they also provide a 2GB cloud storage space that would be plenty for a small site.

We like Backup Buddy, but there are other backup solutions out there — wordpress plugins, scripts that run on the server, backup tools provided by a hosting company — the key is to use one of them on your site. It’s a horrible feeling to realize your site has been compromised, but then it is a huge relief to realize you have a current backup that is easy to access.


Karen NierlichLoading BackUp Buddy to every client site, is one of many things at Full Orbit that makes me proud of our customer service. Whether yours is a web design, web programming or marketing project, we guide you through the process and help you make good decisions. In the end, we help you protect that investment but backing up the website data to the cloud.

If you have any questions about Backup Buddy or something else, feel free to ask me, Karen Nierlich, at 510-502-4963.