5 Important Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

general contractor websitesThanks to my work building websites for high end home builders, I often get to talk to generals about marketing: what works for them and what confuses them.

As any contractor can tell you, the industry operates on word-of mouth-referrals. After all, building a house is one of the biggest financial decisions people make. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a personal referral from someone you trust?

That doesn’t mean builders just wait for referrals to come to them. On the contrary, there are several strategies that will help you build your referral network.

1. Modern Website – See previous blog post about important features for your general contractors website. You want your site to look as sharp and photo rich as Houzz, as that’s the current standard! A stellar website saves you time in the sales process and helps you close more referrals. Prospects are judging you by your website!

2. Outreach to Architects – If your focus is larger new home construction, then most of those projects start with an architect. Thus keeping in touch with architects you’ve worked with in the past and starting new relationships with architects will help attract larger projects.

3. Houzz Profile – Homeowners are devouring Houzz for building and decor ideas. Here we diverge a bit from the word-of-mouth rule. Some contractors are closing new projects based on their Houzz portfolio and recommendations! Many homeowners are checking out builders on Houzz when considering them for a project.

Home Builders WebsitesTwo other items to complete your online marketing:

4. Google + profile – I recommend every business claim their Google + listing. This profile is free and makes you show up on Google Maps. Setting this up is necessary to looking “with-it” when people search for you online. Skipping this step will make you look like a dinosaur.

5. LinkedIn profile – This step is also important to your online web presence. LinkedIn is the social media site for business people and executive types. Have a profile there, so if someone looks you up, they can find you. Simply part of having a complete up-to-date online presence.

Other marketing to consider:

Email Newsletter or print newsletter – Excellent way to keep in touch with those who know you and past clients. Send some pictures of your latest completed project or a cool idea from Houzz. Easy, low cost way to let your past clients know you are thriving in business.

Postcards to Targeted Areas – Looking to spur business growth?  Send professional postcards with photos of your last project. Buy a list of mailing addresses for the neighborhood you most want to work in or blocks surrounding the home where you are working in currently.


Karen NierlichVisit my online portfolio to see our website work for general contractors. Or follow me on Houzz. I’d be happy to talk to you about your website or marketing your high end home construction business. I’m Karen Nierlich and I’m reachable at 510-527-9920 PAC.