Advanced Marketing for General Contractors

Marketing for General ContractorsI’ve written about marketing essentials for high end residential contractors here and here: Marketing Essentials and houzz: are you resisting? why?. Don’t overlook the basics. I’m also assuming you have items like yard signs and truck signs etc.

Words the wise.

When starting new marketing add only one strategy at a time. Any of these strategies will take more time then you realize to research, learn and implement. Be patient and persistent.

Choose one that appeals to you.

Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t a party person or networking person. Go with a strategy that plays to your strengths and other factors.

Now the advanced marketing strategies: 

Outreach to Architects – Start and maintain relationships with architects. Network where architects network. Look up architects in your area and introduce yourself. Keep in touch with the architects you know already.

Outreach to Neighbors – There are many ways to do this. Hang door hangers before, during and after the project. Go door-to-door and knock on doors while hanging door hangers and introduce yourself. See Open House below.

Open House for Neighbors at Project Completion – This works well if you are in a neighborhood full of potential clients and projects. Invite people over to see the beautifully completed remodel or addition and meet you while they are there.

Annual Party for Clients, Prospects and Friends – Invite your VIP’s to a private party once a year. This is a great way to keep in touch, generate referrals and repeat business. It’s also a lot of fun if you like parties.

Postcards to Well-to-Do Neighborhoods – Create a polished postcard using photos from a recent project. Buy a mailing list for the zipcode and demographic you are targeting. Send postcards regularly to that list.

Networking – I’ve mentioned networking with architects. You can also network in your town or business community. Get involved. Talk to people and trade cards with people you get to know. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Sponsorship of Teams and Community Events – Similar to networking. Keep your name in front of your neighbors and town. Better strategy for smaller communities or communities where you are already well known.

Houzz or LinkedIn posts – If you like to take photos and / or write you could make short posts about your project details like a new faucet or light fixture, or energy efficient solutions, or before and after, or…There are endless possibilities. Post regularly on Houzz or LinkedIn or both, talk to people, answer questions and develop an online following.

YouTube Channel and Videos – See above. The same idea, but use your smart phone to shoot short, short videos. It does take time to edit them but everything takes time. Post on YouTube and your website. Many people love videos.

Tell me if you use these advanced marketing techniques below. How did you select it? How big was the learning curve? What were your results?

General ContractorsKaren Nierlich is co-owner and web marketing consultant at Full Orbit Web and Marketing Services. Call her at 510-527-9920, if you wish to discuss a website or marketing for your high end residential contractor business. You’ll also find several articles about marketing for general contractors in this blog.