houzz: are you resisting? why?

houzz-logoWhy Set Up a Page on houzz?

I don’t like telling people what they already know, and I think many high end general contractors are on houzz.

However, if you think you don’t need houzz OR you put almost no energy into setting up your page, THIS article is for you.

I frequently talk to high end general contractors about their marketing. Many are getting new business/ fresh leads from houzz. When this first happens it really floors them! We are talking phone calls from people who they’ve never meet before! Not referrals, but warm contacts from new people.

This is pretty exceptional in the marketing arena for general contractors. As you probably know, marketing for generals remains a “word-of-mouth” deal. Lots of reasons for that. I mean when making one of the biggest financial investments of your life, you want someone who is a known quantity.

houzz is an exception to the “word-of-mouth” rule. I mean, think about it. Homeowners are spending a lot of time on houzz knocking themselves out looking at the gorgeous home photography. Unlike other social media platforms, houzz’s viewers are almost 100% people who will be doing a home remodeling project.

Hope you heard me. houzz people are checking out and calling contractors.

How to Set Up a Page on houzz

1. Set up your free account.

2. Add your business information.

3. Photos: Add only high quality photos. You’ll notice the high caliber of Houzz photos. They actually remove photos that aren’t up to snuff. Makes sense as they are working to attract the luxury home remodelers. If you don’t have a lot of photos, look at my recent article on Zero Marketing? Where to Start.

4. Logo and Banner: These spaces are both specific dimensions. You may need to size your logo to fit the logo space. Notice how square the logo space is. If your logo is very horizontal, it’ll look puny and small in the square space. Instead have a graphics person stack your logo to make it more square and vertical.

5. Reviews: Like LinkedIn, houzz has a tool you can use to ask for reviews of your work. Always use a personal message when asking for reviews; never the boiler plate message. I like to say something like “I’m refreshing or expanding my marketing. I’d really appreciate a review from you for our work together.”

How to Cultivate Leads on houzz

Maximize your presence on houzz by answering questions and writing photo-rich articles for the site.

Remember There aren’t any Guarantees

Focus on having stellar photos and getting your first 5 Houzz reviews. Stop resisting. Start or enhance your houzz page today.


General ContractorsKaren Nierlich is co-owner and web marketing consultant at Full Orbit Web and Marketing Services. Call her at 510-527-9920, if you wish to discuss a website or marketing for your high end residential contractor business. You’ll also find several articles about marketing for general contractors in this blog.