One Strategy You can Use to Create a Multi-Million Dollar Residential Contracting Firm

My colleague Paul Sanneman gave me permission to share his strategy for taking 1-3 M dollar contracting firms and helping them achieve multi-million dollar status. As he likes to say, “The info is free; the bad news is it takes time.”

Honestly, I’ve found that all marketing takes significant amounts of time.

I’ve had to coax myself many a time to try something new and keep going. Most of the time there has been a positive payoff. When I started going to networking events, I spoke only to smily types. In time I came to love going to events and talking to people regardless of how friendly they appeared initially. Now I remind myself how difficult I’ve found getting started and how in time I’ve found success.

Back to this one strategy.

I’ve known Paul since 2008 and I’ve seen for myself how his clients have been transformed from small operations into much larger residential contracting operations.

What is this strategy?

As you may know, the best architects and contractors in the nation are now easy to find thanks to Houzz. The website Houzz is a magnificent database with the contact info and portfolio of architects all over the country.

Using Houzz, you can identify architects in your region.

Paul will tell you how to approach them and get meetings with them. It won’t be easy but he has a proven strategy for “the brave and the few.”

Watch this 40 m video in which Paul explains how to get work from architects. It’s exclusively for residential contractors.

If you like what you see, contact Paul Sanneman at about an appointment to learn more. You can also find him on Houzz at Paul Sanneman.

Why am I sharing this info?

I love helping others and I get a long well with contractors. Many of you know I’ve worked with residential contractors for several years. Additionally, contractors who work with Paul often work with me to improve their websites and Houzz pages.


Karen Nierlich works with high end residential contractors on their marketing and websites. Read her posts on this blog to learn the basics of marketing yourself as a residential contractor. It’s not obvious what works, that’s why it’s important to have help! Call me at 510-527-9920 or email me at

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