5 Important Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

Thanks to my work building websites for high end home builders, I often get to talk to generals about marketing: what works for them and what confuses them. As any contractor can tell you, the industry operates on word-of mouth-referrals. After all, building a house is one of the biggest financial decisions people make. Wouldn’t you … Read more

Telemarketers Annoying You?

by Karen Nierlich Do you get weekly or daily calls and emails from SEO [search engine optimization] telemarketers telling you your traffic can be improved? Or that your site isn’t optimized? Or…? Do these calls make you insecure about the quality of your website or the keyword work you may have done to date? You … Read more

WordPress Websites for Artists, Musicians, Writers & Healers

I’m often asked what is the best way to set up an inexpensive website for artists as many of my friends are artists on a tight budget, etc. I’m going to show you how we’ve accomplished this for some of our friends who have needed an inexpensive but attractive and functional website. Artist’s Website Requirements … Read more

WordPress Website for Berkeley Retail Business

My WordPress Website Team and I were delighted when we got the referral to work with Berkeley Secret Garden (BSG), a Berkeley retail business that specializes in equipment and supplies for indoor gardening. Knowing that BSG has one of the most unique storefronts in Berkeley (even for Berkeley), we knew we’d get the opportunity to … Read more

4 Benefits to WordPress Website & One Not-to-Be-Missed HOW-TO Tip

(If you are just tuning into this blog, don’t miss the 2 primary reasons to pick a WordPress Website in the previous two articles.) Some other important reasons, drum roll please.   1.         A WordPress Website is an excellent platform for your social media because it’s easy to add in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. … Read more