Almost Everything Website Redesign with a Responsive WordPress Theme

Last month we did a website redesign for our own Full Orbit Website. We choose the Epik Responsive WordPress Theme as a starting point. I’ll say more about that in a minute. Web Design in 2013 has developed in exciting directions, and will continue to in 2014. The driving force for the 2013-2014 trends in … Read more

WordPress Website Design Trends 2014

Current Website Design Trends 2014 features a bold, colorful look with less text and larger graphics. The text is also larger — huge — so it can be read at a glance. Homepages are typically long and visitors scroll down to see more content options. Most of these trends are tied to the movement toward … Read more

Independent Mobile Website vs. Responsive Web Design

In early 2013 web marketers are actively debating how to deliver the best website experience on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. The number of mobile searches is growing at a phenomenal rate. Therefore, marketers and business owners are aware that more and more people will be looking at their website on a mobile phone. … Read more

Telemarketers Annoying You?

by Karen Nierlich Do you get weekly or daily calls and emails from SEO [search engine optimization] telemarketers telling you your traffic can be improved? Or that your site isn’t optimized? Or…? Do these calls make you insecure about the quality of your website or the keyword work you may have done to date? You … Read more

Karen’s Best Marketing Ideas

by Karen Nierlich In client meetings, people are asking me about generating more leads. These are busy businesses and want to grow 5%, 10% or even 20% in this 2013 healthier economic environment. Below is the big picture of what I’m telling my clients to look at. Keep in mind, marketing is never one size … Read more

2013 Website Checklist – The Essentials for Our Lucky New Year

by Karen Nierlich 2013 might be a year with “13” in it’s name, but I think most small business owners are feeling we are lucky and grateful for the improving economy. As we usher in the New Year, it’s time to do a “needs assessment” for your website and your web marketing. Our FOW Website … Read more

7 Benefits of WordPress Website Redesign

  Websites not only start to look out-of-date after a while, they also start to act out-of-date. This list will show you how websites become less effective and marketing suffers. Once your site is in the 3-4 year range, you want to start thinking about redesign. If I had to put a number on it, … Read more