New WordPress Website for Oakland Self Help Publisher

We at Full Orbit Web and Marketing (FOW) are pleased to announce the launch of a new WordPress Website for New Harbinger Publications in Oakland. This new site, called CBT  Self Help Therapy, is a membership / e-commerce / and e-learning site. New Harbinger is a nearly 40 year publisher of Self Help and Psychology … Read more

WordPress Website for Berkeley Retail Business

My WordPress Website Team and I were delighted when we got the referral to work with Berkeley Secret Garden (BSG), a Berkeley retail business that specializes in equipment and supplies for indoor gardening. Knowing that BSG has one of the most unique storefronts in Berkeley (even for Berkeley), we knew we’d get the opportunity to … Read more

What is the Google Algorithm?

When I’m getting to know new clients we often have a conversation in which I explain the Google Algorithm. Here’s how it goes: Google’s Top Secret Algorithm (meaning rubric or formula) Google keeps the algorithm secret that it uses to rank websites and decide which websites get the top spots on search engine results.  It’s a secret … Read more

What is WordPress?

WordPress is fairly new and often misunderstood. WordPress is the most popular of all the blogging platforms and sometimes business people don’t understand it’s not just for blogs. On the contrary, it’s an excellent platform to build or rebuild your business or organizational website. In fact, a WordPress Website can look the same as sites … Read more

Google Places Is the Very First Step

Two weeks ago I told readers that it can be an excellent marketing idea to launch your blog before your website. This week I’m here to tell you your Google Places page is another marketing tool to set up the minute you open your business…and before you even get a website. If you spend a … Read more

Online Portfolios or Photo Galleries for Contractors, Designers, & Photographers

A few days ago I spoke to a group of Contractors and other Design Professionals at Wooden Windows in Oakland, CA about portfolios for websites. Having looked at scads of photo galleries and built quite a few, I have a well formed opinion on what makes for a great photo gallery. I think what works … Read more

Add Pages with Ease on a WordPress Website

You’ll be pleased with how easy it is to add pages or rename pages on a WordPress site using the WP Content Management System. Most successful businesses update their sites frequently. They add landing pages for new online campaigns. They get rid of under-performing services and they add resources and info as they grow like … Read more