Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How do you know your web site is optimized?

How to know if your website is or isn’t optimized? My coach was here this morning and telling my about a competitors website he saw that was not optimized.* It happens all too often that companies get a beautiful website that is not optimized. But how do you know? There is an easy way to … Read more

Never Eat Alone, Networking for Success

Keith Ferrazzi in “Never Eat Alone” describes the intense mode of networking he learned as a teenager and employed to become CMO of several high profile companies. Ferrazzi’s premise is that in the world of highly-successful people, people help each other all the time—providing contacts, jobs, mentoring and helping each others’ kids as well. Craig’s … Read more

3 Keys to How to Get Leads and Prospects from Your Website

Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the considerations related to generating leads from your website? I understand. There is a lot that goes into creating an effective website. While I can’t take the work out of it, I can point out what is important so that you feel focused, in control and successful as … Read more

Website and Internet Marketing Success 1-2-3, How to Generate Leads from Your Website

In conversation with some colleagues and my coach this week we mapped out what are the essentials a business website needs to master in order to generate leads from their website. One is generating traffic to the website…if no one is going to your website, there is little chance they are buying from you. What … Read more

An Effective Website Brings you Leads

With clients I emphasize that websites are  powerful marketing tools and their purpose is to bring you leads. There is a tendency to focus on how a website LOOKS. That’s all well and good, as long as you also focus on what a website DOES.  When planning for an effective website we give equal attention to … Read more

#1 Website Goal

I’m here today to share a little-known fact about good website planning. This is a key item, and must be included in your marketing plan! When I work with clients on their websites, my first question is, “What is your #1 Website Goal…the most desired response your site could bring you?” Frequently, they’ve never thought … Read more

How Your Web Site Works – Or The One Thing You Need Before You Talk To Your Web Designer (updated 2009)

A while back I wrote a talk on How To Create A Profitable Website And Not Lose Your Shirt. Of course, in the talk I cover many of the things I talk about in this blog.  Writing this talk highlighted for me is that there is one important thing you need to do before you … Read more