One Simple Step to Protect Your Site in Case of Hacking

Backup Buddy won’t stop an attack; at the moment there is no 100% sure way to stop hacking attacks. What it will do for you is provide a recent copy of your files so you can restore your site quickly if it gets taken down! As they say in the Backup Buddy copy, it protects your bacon! Backup Buddy is … Read more

How to Avoid Scope Creep — Hourly versus Project Pricing

Scope creep! I think every independent web professional I’ve spoken to has said this is an issue for them. Sometimes they’ve even quit the industry due to project creep. I’ve made it one of my 2014 goals to learn more about how to avoid the issues surrounding scope creep. Yesterday a marketing colleague of ours gave a … Read more

Almost Everything Website Redesign with a Responsive WordPress Theme

Last month we did a website redesign for our own Full Orbit Website. We choose the Epik Responsive WordPress Theme as a starting point. I’ll say more about that in a minute. Web Design in 2013 has developed in exciting directions, and will continue to in 2014. The driving force for the 2013-2014 trends in … Read more

Independent Mobile Website vs. Responsive Web Design

In early 2013 web marketers are actively debating how to deliver the best website experience on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. The number of mobile searches is growing at a phenomenal rate. Therefore, marketers and business owners are aware that more and more people will be looking at their website on a mobile phone. … Read more