How much traffic is my website getting?

    Our clients often ask about this…occasionally someone asks us to put a counter on their website. Counters, those little tools that display a # to count visits to your site, have been passe for about a decade now. At first, I’d gingerly explain this to people. I’ve gotten a lot more saavy about … Read more

Blogsite or Website? What is the difference?

Websites and Blogsites are both are websites. The significant difference is that the blogging tools like WordPress makes it easy to add new content. In web jargon, it’s a content management system or CMS. Also, readers can comment on the content and it can be a good way to find an online audience. If you … Read more

What can I do to drive traffic to my site if my budget is modest?

That is a a great question and one I’ve struggled to give clients a simple, easy answer too. Why? So many choices for online marketing and so little good information. The online marketing gurus have been charging thousands for their secrets. Other people have been figuring it out for themselves. Picking a starting point and … Read more