Google Alerts: How to Easily Follow Your Industry Trends on the World Wide Web

Google Alerts is a tool I often mention to clients. It super useful to bloggers and entrepreneurs and great for keeping your finger on the pulse of any topic, person, team, or treads. One of my friends and colleagues is writing a blog on what I’d call a developing story–bed bugs. Bed bugs have been … Read more

Keywords are the Way to the Heart and Soul of Google (Part 2)

I’m writing for the business person who wants to understand keywords because they understand that keywords are essential to building website traffic. You may or may not want to do the keyword research yourself or any of the other steps involved in organic search engine optimization. However, a general understanding will enable you to know … Read more

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How do you know your web site is optimized?

How to know if your website is or isn’t optimized? My coach was here this morning and telling my about a competitors website he saw that was not optimized.* It happens all too often that companies get a beautiful website that is not optimized. But how do you know? There is an easy way to … Read more

What can I do to drive traffic to my site if my budget is modest?

That is a a great question and one I’ve struggled to give clients a simple, easy answer too. Why? So many choices for online marketing and so little good information. The online marketing gurus have been charging thousands for their secrets. Other people have been figuring it out for themselves. Picking a starting point and … Read more