Website Redesign, Improving Your Google Page Rank, 5 of 8

Website redesign is an opportunity to finally create an effective website. Most business and organizational websites aren’t optimized at all. An even smaller number start by doing keyword research and basing their site around their main keywords. The problem is that in 2011 most business owners and organizational leaders know that they need to use … Read more

How To Build an Effective Website: The New Almost Everything Communications Website

We are very pleased to announce we’ve launched a new clean, modern website for our company. For my clients and readers, I’d like to share how our new site is an example of the advice I give my clients on how to build an effective website. We’ve been building business websites for quite a while … Read more

A “Call to Action” is Key to Website Leads

When I first talk to new prospects and clients, one of the first conversations is about their GOALS for their website. ?Is this a business looking to attract new leads and prospects? ?Are they a non-profit looking to educate people about their mission and attract new volunteers or donors? ?Is this a membership site that … Read more

How to Shop for an Internet Marketing Firm

If you have ever shopped for a preschool or school you know there was a long list of things you were looking for. Is the school clean? Stimulating? What curriculum is covered? How do they resolve conflicts that come up and what are the strengths of the teachers? And finally, most importantly, do you feel … Read more

New Bloggers: Learn How to Write a Blog in 7 Simple Steps

There are a few steps you can take in writing your blog posts that will make them more enticing to read and generate more blog traffic. I’ll provide details on each of these steps in future posts. 1.     Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to pick a keyword phrase for your article. Google “Google … Read more

Blogging: What You Can Learn from Dan Kennedy about Getting Things Done

In Dan Kennedy’s book No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs one of the main secrets he shares about getting things done is to put those tasks on your calendar. It’s pretty common to map out a day or a week; however, he suggests when you choose your goals and strategies, take it a step further … Read more

Keywords are the Way to the Heart and Soul of Google (Part 2)

I’m writing for the business person who wants to understand keywords because they understand that keywords are essential to building website traffic. You may or may not want to do the keyword research yourself or any of the other steps involved in organic search engine optimization. However, a general understanding will enable you to know … Read more

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How do you know your web site is optimized?

How to know if your website is or isn’t optimized? My coach was here this morning and telling my about a competitors website he saw that was not optimized.* It happens all too often that companies get a beautiful website that is not optimized. But how do you know? There is an easy way to … Read more