Website Updates: Word Press, Contribute Software or Web Designer

If you are going to do a website update daily, its going to need to be easy and economical. Here some options: Convert your existing site to a WordPress web site; WordPress has a built in Content Management System (CMS); you login to an admin area and make the changes just like word processing. Our … Read more

Do I Need a Web Designer, Web Programmer or Web Developer? What’s the Difference?

A web designer is responsible for the overall design of the website – how the site looks, how the navigation works, where the calls to action are placed and the building of the site itself. A  web developer or web programmer is responsible for the more interactive features of a website – an online store, … Read more

How to Shop for an Internet Marketing Firm

If you have ever shopped for a preschool or school you know there was a long list of things you were looking for. Is the school clean? Stimulating? What curriculum is covered? How do they resolve conflicts that come up and what are the strengths of the teachers? And finally, most importantly, do you feel … Read more

How Your Web Site Works – Or The One Thing You Need Before You Talk To Your Web Designer (updated 2009)

A while back I wrote a talk on How To Create A Profitable Website And Not Lose Your Shirt. Of course, in the talk I cover many of the things I talk about in this blog.  Writing this talk highlighted for me is that there is one important thing you need to do before you … Read more