WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress Content Management SystemsThe WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is ideal for in-house updates, social media integration, and reliable and economical web development.

FOW is currently building our small business, medium business and non-profit websites in WordPress. It’s ideal for beautiful websites with lots of features like rotating photos, video and audio, photo galleries, calendars and more. Unlike many of the dedicated CMSs, WordPress is designed to be easy-to-use for everyone, even the technologically-challenged.

The advantages to WordPress Content Management (CMS) Platform are:

  • Update your site in-house when you want to because WordPress is a user-friendly CMS. It lifts many of the old barriers to updating!
  • An ideal platform for integration with Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and other social media.
  • Get the features or technology you need onto your site more economically.¬†WordPress has a lively and dedicated developer community which means it has thousands of high-quality plugins readily available for galleries, stores, and calendars, etc.

Please call Karen or Tod at 510-527-9920 for a free rough estimate.

FOW WordPress sites include such features as:

  • search engine optimization: all our sites are optimized with keywords in page titles and Google metatags. we can also help you create search friendly urls for every page or blog post.
  • blogs: create a blog to drive traffic to your site; we will train you on how to create a keyword rich posts and consult with you on the settings like comments on or off
  • audio or video: post either to your site with ease
  • Google Analytics: use this popular tool to track traffic and keywords on your site¬†and more

Give Karen or Tod a call at 510-527-9920 to discuss your WordPress project.